Veterinary telemedicine consulting: the future of in-practice collaboration
CONSTANCE E. DE HAAN of IDEXX explains how the teamwork of telemedicine works and presents a case study which proves its usefulness

Hyperoestrogenism of the intact female dog
DAVID GRANT continues his series looking at dermatological conditions

Heart disease in cats: case studies (part 2) – arterial thromboembolism

OMRI BELACHSEN presents his second in a series of case studies that follow two previous articles on the subject of managing heart disease in cats, this time focusing on the presentation, management and outcome of feline arterial thromboembolism

Manuka honey – is it still the bee’s knees?
GEORGIE HOLLIS looks at the benefits of manuka honey and explains that while it may be seen as some kind of miracle cure, it is simply good at doing its job of aiding debridement and decontamination

Veterinary perspectives on heifer management
RICHARD GARD examines how one dairy herd has experimented with individual calf management but then fell foul of the rules, and asks: are the regulations backed up by science?

A scientist’s journey: cutting-edge research into lameness in horses
DR THILO PFAU of the RVC Equine Hospital explains what his unit has been doing to create a tool which will help clinicians to diagnose and treat lameness effectively by isolating specific causes and effects

How to invest for income
DYLAN JENKINS explains what the different types of income are and what they mean to individuals who are moving into retirement, as well as how to withdraw income safely

VAT’s flat – or is it?
ADAM BERNSTEIN looks at the ‘simple tax’ and how companies and individuals should approach implementing VAT registration in their practices

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