Screaming for sweets in the supermarket
GARETH CROSS concludes his series on the expectations of charities and finds a groundswell of opinion from vets who dislike or avoid the work entirely

BSAVA: Chronic pain: changing the unhappy situation
LOUISE CLARK discusses how she has developed an interdisciplinary approach to managing patients with chronic pain

Heart disease in cats: the dyspnoeic cat
OMRI BELACHSEN presents the first in a series of case studies on managing heart disease in cats

Bovine TB: achievements and plans
RICHARD GARD catches up on the latest developments and statistics revealed by DEFRA, as well as future herd health plans

Pain management in the horse
MARION McCULLAGH examines the various factors involved in evaluating and then treating pain in the equine patient – and educating horse owners

The trip of a lifetime in vet practice
GRAHAM DUNCANSON reports on his mammoth ‘bicycling trip with friends’ which started in May last year and took him from London to Cape Town to celebrate his half-century as a practising vet

Small animal practice – the first specialists
BRUCE VIVASH JONES continues his series on the history of the profession, this time highlighting the work of two vets who have the distinction of being the first to develop branches of veterinary medicine

All about income drawdown
DYLAN JENKINS explains the pros and cons of income drawdown and what this could mean for your retirement planning under the new pension freedom rules

... and much, much more ...

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