The disparity in veterinary charity GARETH CROSS follows up his investigation into the relationship between veterinary charities and practices

VETSSOUTH: Sales of flea products could ‘double in an instant’ ANTHONY CHADWICK argues that there should be a flea expert in every small animal practice

BSAVA: Busy programme at 60th anniversary congress An overview of the upcoming BSAVA, including thoughts from this year’s BSAVA president, John Chitty

CAD and CAFR: is there a quick fix? GUDI STUTTARD discusses the challenges of dermatology and argues that a problem-based approach and lengthy workup is likely to deliver the “quickest fix”

Feeding patients with concurrent diseases NICOLA ACKERMAN discusses possible answers to the difficult, commonly-posed question “What should I be feeding my dog?”

Pharyngeal stick injuries: a surgical emergency JAYNE LAYCOCK reports on her “pick of the month” CPD webinar in which Paul Aldridge discussed how to overcome the challenges posed by these potentially fatal injuries

‘Take no risks’ with ophthalmic disease or injuries PIP BOYDELL warns of the difficulties in dealing with ophthalmic emergencies, highlighting the key role of nurses

Getting on with the job of eradicating BVD RICHARD GARD talks to the president of the BCVA about current issues within cattle practice – and an ambitious cycle ride

Emerging threats in equine parasite control ROSIE NAYLOR examines the various problems facing horses in light of increasing anthelmintic resistance

Budgeting for the Future TINA RICHES reports on Philip Hammond’s first Budget and how it might impact small businesses

... and much, much more ...

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