Are digital ringmasters beginning to control our actions? THE MERCURY COLUMN in which a guest columnist takes the temperature of the profession – and the world around

Are vet charities taking the mick? GARETH CROSS asks why it is that veterinary practices can be held to ransom by some charities when they too are struggling to make ends meet

The miraculous marvels of medicine Dr DAVID WILLIAMS seeks help for his swollen feet and finds himself on a journey of discovery, where his own attempts at diagnosis meet those of his medical colleagues, with a little natural help

VETTSOUTH: CDS: 'underdiagnosed and undertreated'

Zoonotic risk from exotic companion animal parasites and the role of the OV IAN WRIGHT discusses the increasing risk of novel infections being introduced to the UK as a result of rapid changes in the distribution of companion animal parasites with zoonotic potential 

Risk management in pet parasite control BLAISE SCOTT-MORRIS of Virbac says that with all the reports of exotic parasites, we shouldn't overlook those closer to home when considering preventive parasite programmes…

Surgical intervention used to limit or manage osteoarthritis STUART CARMICHAEL argues that surgery should not be regarded as the main option in the management of OA joints, rather as one of the key tools available among many others for a good outcome

Feline pemphigus foliaceus DAVID GRANT continues his series looking at dermatological conditions

Vets and antibiotic milk failures RICHARD GARD gives an update on the work veterinary practices are doing to assist farmers, including a major step change to eliminate on-farm errors

New electric is an impressive blend ROBBIE TIFFIN tests VW's new Passat GTE, a halfway house car which is both composed and satisfying, if lacking a little excitement

How can you ensure your staff are ready to accept changes? VP reports from the SPVS-VPMA congress held at Celtic Manor in Wales in late January

The new Residence Nil Rate Band DYLAN JENKINS introduces the new band, which comes into being next month, and imparts some advice on property investments for this year

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