About us

The Campaign for Rational Veterinary Medicine is largely made up of a group of veterinary surgeons working in general practice.

Mike Jessop BVetMed MRCVS

“I welcome the campaign to shine further light on the irrationality of homeopathy. I remain a general practitioner but have had the privilege to snoop into many corners of our diverse profession. Many years ago, I was tempted to study and use the homeopathic rationales alongside evidence based medicine. I studied at the Royal Homeopathic hospital and attended veterinary homeopathic CPD meetings. I worked with a homeopathic vet for several months and used a wide range of remedies. I only ever saw a placebo effect and have long since abandoned the mythology of homeopathy. It is a faith based system and any links with our profession should be severed.”

Martin Whitehead BVSc BSc PhD CertSAM MRCVS

Director and veterinary surgeon (mixed general practice), Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital

"As a scientist, it is clear that the evidence shows that homeopathic remedies have no more than placebo effects in humans and no effect at all in animals, that the principles of homeopathy are nonsensical, and that homeopaths have fallen prey to the same errors of interpretation of their clinical experience that have led many doctors and vets throughout history to misjudge the effectiveness of therapies. As a veterinary surgeon, I believe it is unethical to treat animals with ineffective therapies."

Alex Gough MA VetMB CertSAM CertVC PGCert (Neuroimaging) MRCVS

"I support the campaign for rational medicine, because as a science based practitioner, I believe it is our ethical duty to offer our patients effective treatments."

Martin Clive Atkinson BVSc MRCVS

I qualified from Liverpool in 1975 and after spending 5 years in mixed practice in various parts of the country bought my present practice in outer London where I have been in sole charge small animal practice since.

I have frequently been angered by the spurious claims of alternative practitioners for therapies which have absolutely no medical or scientific foundation. I believe that we as a profession have a moral obligation to offer and advise only scientifically and medically proven treatment and to do otherwise is unprofessional if not unethical. I have been saddened by the suffering that I have seen in animals which have been deprived of effective treatment by their owners who have chosen ineffective unproven remedies over, or in addition to, conventional medicine either misguidedly or under the direction of a professional who should know better.

Phil Hyde BVetMed MRCVS

"Running emergency clinics for the last twenty years, I have seen at first hand what a misplaced belief in alternative medicine can do, resulting in long suffering and eventual death. We have here an opportunity to help show the world what the emperors new clothes are made of, and stop forever the excuse oft given that 'It must be more than placebo because it works in animals!'

It doesn't."

Niall Taylor BVM&S, GPCert(SAM), MRCVS

"I have been in general veterinary practice for thirty-three years and worked and corresponded with practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine for much of that time. It is my firm belief that such practitioners are genuine in their beliefs but mistaken. Despite claims to the contrary there is no good quality evidence to support such practices and it is time we as a profession came together and made this known – the very least our animal patients deserve from us is a rational basis for the treatments we use. It is not too much to ask that CAVM therapies and remedies should be held to the same standards as any other form of veterinary treatment."

Brennen McKenzie MA MSc VMD

As a small animal practitioner, I believe my patients and their owners are entitled to medical therapies that are as safe and effective as possible. As a scientist and former president of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association, I know that only sound scientific research can show us the real risks and benefits of the treatments we offer. Treatments that have not been properly tested have uncertain risks and benefits. These should only be used with full disclosure to clients of the uncertainty, not with unreliable claims based on anecdotes and personal experience. And treatments which the evidence shows clearly do not work, such as homeopathy, endanger patients and should not be used at all. Our clients and their animals deserve rational, science-based medical care.

Arlo Guthrie, Editor VetSurgeon.org

"As the parent of a young child with a severe, chronic illness, I'm perhaps more aware than many about confirmation bias and the false hope offered by discredited "medicine". I'm proud to be able to give this campaign a platform, not (if I am honest) so much because of the impact on animal welfare, but because of the impact it could have in the field of human healthcare. Every owner (all 13M households) is also a patient at some time in their lives, and by denouncing irrational medicine in practice and as a profession, I think you could have a profoundly beneficial effect on human welfare too."