What's it all about?

Science, the process by which we establish facts about the natural world using a systematic, evidence-based methodology, lies at the very heart of veterinary medicine. It is through science that we establish what works and what doesn't; it is only through the application of science that we can offer our clients reliable, effective treatment. It separates belief from fact.

And yet, there are still medical treatments being offered, some incredibly under the banner of our professional qualification, which not only defy everything science has shown us about how the world works, but in some cases have been scientifically demonstrated not to work. 

The Campaign For Rational Veterinary Medicine has been set up to argue the case that 21st century veterinary treatment should in all cases be based on rational, established scientific principles.

Why it should matter to you

  • Medical treatment almost always involves choices, guided by veterinary surgeons who are trusted to act in the best interests of both animal and owner. When a client chooses a treatment we know is ineffective over one which is at the very least based on rational scientific principles, animal welfare is compromised. It is unethical to use demonstrably ineffective treatments on animals.
  • As veterinary surgeons, we have sworn that "...ABOVE ALL, my constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to my care." To stay true to that oath, it's not enough to sit on the fence when the client asks about scientifically discredited alternative medicine. 
  • And it’s not only about the animals – think about the false hope offered to desperate owners when discredited treatments are offered. Think how much better clients could use their often limited financial resources. Think what a positive impact it could have on so many people's lives if the profession united to say: "Enough is enough." 


What we'd like you to do now

For the purpose of this campaign, we're going to focus on homeopathy, a treatment which defies rational thought and has now been proven ineffective.

What we'd like you to do now:

UNDERSTAND what homeopathy is, and what it isn't.

CONSIDER the evidence.

READ our FAQs about this campaign.